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Range OPEN in relation to Covid_19

9 May 2020 14:20 | Craig Cousins (Administrator)

SSAA Darwin Branch Range has reopened following the Covid-19 shutdown

Stage 1 resumption will come with a strict set of guidelines.

  • The mandatory SIGN IN is to be completed by all at the sign in bench in the alcove at the glass doors entering the boardroom.
  • A shooting time limit of 2 hrs will be allowed after sign in.  If there is no one waiting then another 2 hrs on the range would be allowed. Should other shooters arrive during this additional 2 hrs then the shooter should pack up and allow the other shooter access.
  • NO member entry inside the screened section of the clubhouse is to occur except for the following reasons.
  • Committee Matters, Armoury sales and Emergencies
  • Police usage of the facility
  • Attendance by members to the membership office for membership matters
  • This NO ENTRY means NO access to bar or sitting inside at the clubhouse tables whatsoever.
  • The range is ONLY for casual usage with family.  It is NOT FOR DISCIPLINE EVENTS.
  • Shooters MUST follow the NORMAL range rules when proceeding downrange for target setting/patching and retrieval.
  • Casual Rifle shooting will occur on ranges 2, 3 and 4. Depending on vacant areas. To the maximum of identified marked shooting positions on each range
  • Pistol shooting will occur on range 1 to the maximum of identified marked shooting positions
  • Shotgun shooting will occur on range 5
  • ALL ranges will have Social Distancing Protocols marked on shoot positions and rear benches
  • Members are EXPECTED to adhere to these requirements
  • Club Disciplines to prepare an operating procedure for them to prepare to return to planned shoots.  This plan is to be forwarded to the President SSAA Darwin Branch for approval.





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